Mental Illness


…sorrow and pain,
Her mind drifts away,
For she can't see the beauty of her nature,
With voices in her head unable to process, 
Those never ending fights with unseen sights,
She stands alone with darkness at her side,
Below the surface trembling like a dog,
Her fear is unspoken words,
Never leaving her side but oh how she wishes, 
With regrets and regards she lifts her hear head up, 
With pain and confusion she pulls back her shoulder,
With strength and courage she walks,
Always listening to the voices inside her head, 
Never would she stop singing the songs inside…

By Marina Vos

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Written from a hole I was not sure I would ever get out of.


…is the spark I think I see

In others, but don’t see in me

The taste of smiles, life’s joyous zest

Why can’t I feel like all the rest?

I play my part, no understudy,

Unending search for friend or buddy

Vicarious scenes from other’s lives

A few brief sparks, my soul derives.

At times I weep, no point or thought

Perhaps from deeds I’ve done or wrought

And yet with life, I can’t connect

Emotions viewed quite circumspect.

As others’ feelings generate

I search within, a rising hate

The inability to show concern

Deep feelings aren’t a thing to…

By James Geehring

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Pathologically Disconnected, or, Why I Write Novels

…handed my college buddy a small magazine clipping with a photograph of some place with trees and water. I’d just had a very nice visit there, in fact. Then I ripped out the page I was looking at and cut the place out.

“What is it?”

I was excited to explain the birthday gift. “It’s a. . .it’s a ‘place-to-be’. You look at it and you can picture yourself in the picture, anywhere in the picture you want. . .Like I did. When I looked at it; it was a really cool picture that…

By Gabriella L Garlock

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…never overtaken with goodness,

It’s only so with sadness

Consuming thoughts and emotional mulch,

A dismal sort of madness.

My movements slow and purposeful,

No joy to hurry pace

And even lifting eyes from ground

The effort shows in face.

This pool of sadness, deep in mind

Why do I tarry there?

I know the path that leads away

From tears besodden lair.

Why must I fight within myself

To keep from feeling low

Trying to shield my happy thoughts

From sorrow’s heavy blow.

I find a brighter path to walk

Away from woeful pit

Yet tricky maps within my…

By James Geehring

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Rantings of a Madman in Love

My experiences living with a man suffering from drug induced psychosis


I love you

Don’t leave

I promise I’ll change

I’m sorry

You bitch

No one will ever love you

Everyone thinks you’re a whore

Don’t go

I didn’t mean it

I can’t live without you

I’ll blow my brains out

You’re my soulmate

Why are you doing this to me?

How could you be so heartless

I need you

Stupid bitch

I’ll burn…

By Tracey Koehler

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