Angela Jones

Unhappy Happiness

…is value in pain

Though most disagree.

Many try to avoid it

Thinking they will be free.

But the pain doesn't disappear

Its only stuffed, drugged, or denied.

And over time the pain will erode us.

Failed attempts to escape give way to its unrelenting tide.

So what should we do with pain,

When it grips us in its claws?

When it crushes and pushes and smothers and gnaws?

In labor, it's a queue to impending birth.

A woman's body is working

To bring a human to earth.

The key in childbirth

Is letting pain have its way.

But even…

By Angela Jones

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"Sick Magnet"

Me being real…


…than most everyone I know.

Sometimes I feel I might explode into flame or flakes of snow.

I feel so deeply it physically hurts, even in joy.

What's meant to be a happy time bubbles me over to the point where I annoy.

I even feel what others do whether good, bad, or evil.

It rumbles through my very soul causing extreme mental upheaval.

Vibes emanate from some that haunt, and there is no release.

And unless they go away I find no precious peace.

If I ignore this "talent", when standing in a crowd,

The strain alone exhausts me…

By Angela Jones

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My mom and I were there when my dad died. Though its a rarity these days, he was a great Dad. I still miss him.


…can still see him there, coma was the term.

The man who was more than man,

My first god, Superman, love.

He was near for my first breath.

Now that night he'd take his last.

His breathing was labored, like he was running.

Running from death?

Running to its rest?

My heart was breaking.

My faith was aching.

I kept vigil and eased the dryness in his mouth with a swab.

He needed to be turned, the bedsore in his backside had to hurt.

Nurses weren't coming.

I turned him myself.

My gift of mercy so small for his gift…

By Angela Jones

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