Unhappy Happiness

There is value in pain

Though most disagree.

Many try to avoid it

Thinking they will be free.

But the pain doesn't disappear

Its only stuffed, drugged, or denied.

And over time the pain will erode us.

Failed attempts to escape give way to its unrelenting tide.

So what should we do with pain,

When it grips us in its claws?

When it crushes and pushes and smothers and gnaws?

In labor, it's a queue to impending birth.

A woman's body is working

To bring a human to earth.

The key in childbirth

Is letting pain have its way.

But even in this instance

It goes against what our mind's say.

Birth mother's know

The truth of this process.

The body does wonders

And the child in their arms means success.

Perhaps our anguish

Is like the child birth view.

The mental or emotional torment

Is our birthing something new.

So, breathe, refocus,

Cry out if it's needful.

On the other side of the moment

Just might be something beautiful.

By Angela Jones

From United States

Facebook URL https://m.facebook.com/anglee.jones