Trying to overcome my humility.

I’m certain that, before there was a you, there was a me.

I’m more important than the rest, that should be plain to see.

In order in the human pile, I must be on the top,

As others climb their ladders, but still just below me stop.

You know, if it was not for me, the “you” would have no meaning,

So get in line and follow the direction which I’m leaning.

Follow close, don’t fall behind, as we go ‘round the bend

No lifeguard waiting at life’s pool while diving in deep end.

Don’t worry, I’m your leader and I will not steer you wrong

Just follow my instructions as I sing my happy song.

It really feels quite wonderful to be me instead of you

I‘ll brook no words from others which might set my world askew.

I hope that my importance does not quash creative spirit

Perhaps my presence motivates all others that are near it.

I wish more could be like me, though the likelihood is slim

Lacking my encouragement, their prospects are quite dim.

I’m sorry that the rest of you just aren’t up to my par

Content yourselves with telling of my merits, near and far.

I can’t believe you read this far, I’m really tickled pink

Can words still be called poetry when ego’s put in ink?

I feel so sly and mischievous for what I just have penned

A tiny romp around Id’s well, was all I did intend.

I’m sorry for the bashing that I gave the rest of world

I’ll just return to cosmic stew where all of us are swirled.

By James Geehring

From United States

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