3.01 Meat Canyon & Therapeutic Art

Guest Hunter Hancock of Meat Canyon animations joins the thinkers to discuss motivation to create and how many people struggle to break from their cycle of excuse making in order to pursue their dreams in the first place. We all want the success but refuse to do the grind and hard work that’ll lead us to it in the first place. First the philosophers discuss the Marie Kondo 30 Books craze and how the social structure is of outrage culture at the moment. Then, Jack has a sit down with cartoonist Hunter Hancock of the animation Youtube and Instagram channels ‘MeatCanyon’ to discuss art, creation, motivation and goals. The creator discusses what interests him about art in the first place. His views on mainstream art and the over-saturation of money fueled safe art instead of risky creativity.


Story: the Philosophers are joined by Hunter Hancock of Meat Canyon animations. Together they help emperor Palpatine get back to his previous glory as ruler of the galaxy by teaching him to practice his skills in order to improve them. Palpatine takes a dark turn when he clearly doesn’t understand comedy structure and makes a bunch of cancer and rape jokes. The philosophers and Hunter teach him to not take his art too seriously, but Palpatine quickly sells out for the money train. Soon thereafter, Palpatine joins the media binge movement that is destroying societies attention span. Finally, the philosophers and Hunter play a game of Dungeons & Dragons while watching Kristen Stewart in Disney films.

All that and more on this episode of The Just Conversation Podcast!

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Topics Discussed

  • Practicing Skills to Improve Them
  • Overtly Polished Unoriginal Work
  • Difficulties of Writing
  • Understanding Audience
  • Learning Comedy Structure
  • Original Artistic Work vs Familiar
  • The Therapeutic Nature of Art
  • Not Taking Our Creativity Too Seriously
  • Comic Books vs TV Cartoons
  • Creators Playing it Safe
  • Art Run by Money
  • Societies Shrinking Attention Span
  • Binging Killed The Excitement of Waiting
  • Ozark on Netflix
  • Politics and Over-Sensitivity
  • Mainstream Anger & Rage
  • Every Road Leads to Money
  • The “No Time” Excuse
  • The Devil’s Hockey Team
  • Creating Is Weird
  • Rich People Problems
  • Abusing Expectation when Creating
  • Alex Grey
  • The Instagram Easy Route
  • Weird Instagram Accounts
  • Video Game Addiction
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • How to be Successful
  • Religion, The Popularity Contest
  • Life Cycles
  • Disney Live Action Abortions
  • Starwars Sucks