Rambling 51: Questions About Robots & A.I.

The thinkers answers listener questions about Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

After the destruction of Cockroach planet Mars the philosophers went into underground survival bunks to wait out the incoming meteor rain from the remains of mars. Here they set up and record the latest episode discussing and answering question on A.I. and Robotics with hopes of perhaps using some of the answers and brainstormed ideas to repair planet Earth after the meteor storm clears.

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+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Not StarTalk
  • Not Neil
  • Not Chuck Nice
  • Will Robots Take Over? 2:00
  • Can Robots Learn? 2:48
  • Can Robots Be Creative? 7:51
  • Can They Be Artistic?
  • How Are Robots Helping? 10:14
  • Which Robots Have Explored Mars? 14:16
  • Is A.I. Dangerous? 16:20
  • Three Laws for A.I.
  • Could Robots Feel Pain? 19:20
  • Will Robots Take Our Jobs? 21:13
  • Does A.I. Think Like Humans? 29:08
  • Will Robots Have Emotions? 31:19
  • Can A.I. Love
  • Is A.I. Self Aware? 34:49
  • Which Country Uses The Most Robots? 36:00
  • Why Are Robots Important? 37:55
  • Is A.I. More Intelligent than Humans? 39:29
  • Will Robots Change Society? 40:57
  • Which Jobs Can Robots NOT Do? 41:56
  • Who Invented Robots? 43:45
  • Can Robots Lie? 44:28
  • Should Robots Have Rights? 48:13
  • Can Robots Smell? 50:09
  • Are Robots Better Than Humans? 51:14
  • Can Robots Get Pregnant? 52:08