I’m never overtaken with goodness,

It’s only so with sadness

Consuming thoughts and emotional mulch,

A dismal sort of madness.

My movements slow and purposeful,

No joy to hurry pace

And even lifting eyes from ground

The effort shows in face.

This pool of sadness, deep in mind

Why do I tarry there?

I know the path that leads away

From tears besodden lair.

Why must I fight within myself

To keep from feeling low

Trying to shield my happy thoughts

From sorrow’s heavy blow.

I find a brighter path to walk

Away from woeful pit

Yet tricky maps within my mind

All roads lead back to it.

I yearn to drink Nepenthe’s cup

And banish sorrow’s grip

And travel life’s more sunny trails

Till next time mind does slip.

By James Geehring

From: United States

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