My Friends

Having to deal with my own depression along with my Bipolar daughter as she grew up, made for a crazy life less friends


I have some friends

I would like you to meet

With some ever growing feet




Feeling a crazy madness

You see tears running down

And I feel like noise won't slow now



Spinning me

All I want is quiet please

From these friends

I want you to meet

Tie them up

And hide them away

I no longer want to play

I feel crazy


Not myself

Can you please help

My mind has escaped me

It's running with those

Manic over happy

Overthought about

Maybe sappy feet

Now hush my mind

When you can find Me




You don't care

So don't, please, don't you dare

Even try to act

Like you were there

And understand

Because those feet

Those feet

Are my cross to bare

Its all running

Rapid up in there

Those are my friends

The ones I want you to meet

With the ever growing feet

By Tina Zimmerman

From: United States