Written from a hole I was not sure I would ever get out of.

Where is the spark I think I see

In others, but don’t see in me

The taste of smiles, life’s joyous zest

Why can’t I feel like all the rest?

I play my part, no understudy,

Unending search for friend or buddy

Vicarious scenes from other’s lives

A few brief sparks, my soul derives.

At times I weep, no point or thought

Perhaps from deeds I’ve done or wrought

And yet with life, I can’t connect

Emotions viewed quite circumspect.

As others’ feelings generate

I search within, a rising hate

The inability to show concern

Deep feelings aren’t a thing to learn.

I watch as others smile and laugh

Their sparkling eyes adorn life’s path

A jealous envy, no mock or scorn

Just wished I’d been with feelings, born.

By James Geehring

From: United States

Facebook URL: https://facebook.com/jamesgeehring