Etched in Blood

A exploration of how ink can be used to tell a story. Tattoos can be other artistic mediums.


Drip... drip... drip

The rhythmic patter

Of blood sailing through the brisk October air

Sinking against the lush wintry grave of pearly white snow

Drip... drip... drip

Another drip of blood caressing my leathery flesh

Leaving a crimson lava flow down shaking limbs

in wake of the hallow incision

A kiss from the needle quivering in my hands

Scratch.... scratch .... scratch

Another letter to capture what my parched tongue could no longer say

Sorrowful melodies deafened by the howling wind

Carrying forgotten messages to the world above.

Scratch.... scratch .... scratch

I draw in a shaky breath

Bracing against the euphoric pain

The needle dipping into my skin once more

Like a painter splashing ink across a nude canvas.

Examining the lines critically

Hoping to inspire lost souls with the bloody words etched across my skin

For when we die the ink we choose to brand ourselves with will carry our messages on to those searching for the answers to unknown questions

Creating a warning preventing others from repeating our past mistakes.

By Emberly Lily Summers

From United States

Twitter Elilysummers