Rambling 53: ProChoice vs ProLife

The thinkers discuss the ongoing abortion debate of ProChoice vs ProLife and attempt to come up with a viable solution to please both sides.

After the discovery that destroying the roach planet Mars disrupted the gravity of the star system and sped the impeding impact of Planet X with Earth, the clone duo is sent by the head of the Illuminati to the NASA headquarters to be briefed on whether or not there is a plan of action to save the Earth from being destroyed. While waiting to be briefed the philosophers discuss the hot topic of abortion and attempt to use Illuminati technology to solve the problem.

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+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Planet X Impact
  • Mars
  • Aborted Babies with MiniSkirts
  • Dead Babies
  • ProLife
  • When Life Begins
  • Suicide
  • Solving ProLife vs ProChoice
  • Cloned Lambs
  • Test Tube Babies
  • Single Parents
  • Government Babies
  • Government Adoption
  • Government Slaves
  • Abortion Baby Super Soldiers
  • Subhuman Experiments
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Space Force
  • Rights to Aborted Babies
  • Parenting Licenses
  • China Clones