Conversation with an Intellectual (David Adkins, Author)

Jack gets the opportunity to have a short discussion with writer/author David Adkins. The conversation takes a metaphysical turn.


Jack -
Propaganda shouldn’t lead to deletion. Rather, it should lead to questions as to why the individual believes what they believe.
They REALLY, REALLY want to tell you and don’t care what you have to say.
I say ask and listen. Then you’ll have your understanding and their understanding while they only have their own.
You delete them, you are different but equal. No better.
Information is power. 
Eat I all up.
You don't need to believe I or agree. Just have it so you know more.

David -
I normally agree, but much of what people believe they never question anymore.
Flat Earthers, vegans, Scientologists, Mormons, Catholics, Feminists, BLM participants, and many others.
Then they never come back with facts, only beliefs.
I love facts. Especially ones that differ from what I know.
But no, insults only... That is not a debate

Jack -
You don’t need to debate.
Just ask and let them answer.
Whether it makes sense or…

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Eating Lead Tonight

...that many times over with things as casual as a hobbies or mere chance… It’s just a thing I’m doing. A goal needs to have a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Neither of which are characteristics I associate with quantity, less I be materialistic too, but I don’t own much and don’t plan to. What do you mean, exactly?

“I just mean it’s impressive!”

I’m not sure what it is that you think is impressive. I said I’d do a thing and now I’m doing it… Is it impressive I’m actually doing the thing I said I’d do? In which case, do you walk around in awe all day long as you go about your day encountering people who are actively doing the thing they said they’d do? I’m confused. Okay, okay, let’s take a step back because this isn’t making sense to me! Let’s start at square one: is the congratulations...

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Conversation with a Killer: Anonymous

I've decided to, for this post, put up another conversation. This time I had a conversation with a person who killed a man and got away with it for seemingly no reason.

They've chosen to remain anonymous, but were glad to share the events that happened, how they unfolded and how it was resolved.

Enjoy the conversation with a killer.

By Jack Thomas

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Conversation with a Stranger: Brittney

Doing something different for this one.

This is a slow paced conversation with a young lady named Brittney. It's casual and light. The subject matter is dark, but we don't dive too far into detail and just quickly brush over the more brutal details. If we manage to get her back in the future, perhaps she'll tell us more about this or she'll want to discuss any number of topics. We'll see how it goes from here on out.


By Jack Thomas

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