Universal Woman

A Parable on Suffering


He strolled around his garden in the cool of morning. Hearing a beautiful songbird nearby, he reached for her, and she lovingly responded. He caught and caged her.

Over time, she grew weary in her cage, using her lovely voice only to shriek about her circumstances. He mocked her weight gain and spent excessive amounts of time with other songbirds, instead of her. Not having the strength to bear another moment of mental torture, she fell to the bottom of the cage, begging for death to set her free.

The cage door flung open. She studied it carefully and realized it had never been locked. The ancient cage disappeared.

He continued to stroll around his garden in the cool of morning. Hearing the most beautiful songbird ever, he reached for her. She was mysterious, powerful of voice, and majestic in color. She circled his head with grace and dignity. His desire grew stronger each day, never realizing he once had her all to himself.

She flew higher than his grasp could reach, and then she flew away.

MORAL: Suffering brings about transformation

By L L Cartin

From United States

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