A CIA Agent gets more then he expected from a debriefing of a former KGB agent in 1993. A strange tale emerges of a secret Soviet Space project and a flying saucer in 1969.


In Memory of my Late Wife Susan who helped edit this story.

With a deep sigh the clean cut CIA agent stood up and snubbed a cigarette out in an ash tray on the heavy wooden table before him. He looked intently at a bearded dirty man in tattered clothes on the other side of the table. He tugged at his blue tie and turned to his right and walked slowly away from the table. He looked into a long nearby mirror and slowly shook his head.

On the ceiling above the table was an exposed socket with a bulb. The light emanating from it was just bright enough for them to see in the windowless room. Except for the mirror on one wall there was only a door on the other side of the room. It was the same drab gray color as the walls.

Turning back towards the other man the agent pulled out a pack of smokes and a lighter from the breast pocket in his blue suit jacket. He quickly took out a cigarette from the pack and lit it.

Walking slowly towards the table he puffed intently on it and blew the smoke towards the ragged man.

In turn the ragged man breathed the smoke in deeply and tried his best to enjoy it.

The CIA agent sat back down on the hard wooden chair and put his pack of smokes and the lighter gently on the table. He looked at the other man as he flicked the ash from his cigarette into the ash tray.

The dirty man looked intently at the cigarette and wetted his lips.

Slowly the agent placed the cigarette on the edge of the ash tray and stared at the other man.

"So Sevnik, that's it?" The agent asked smugly.

"Da," the ragged man replied gruffly still looking at the burning cigarette.

"Funny, how you, all of a sudden want diplomatic immunity after all these years," the agent scoffed.

With a thick Russian accent Sevnik responded "Mr. Johnson as I have already told you, I have realized how bad the communist system is, I want..."

"Cut the crap Mikhail!" Agent Johnson interrupted. "Since the breakup of the Soviet Union several of you KGB agents are running for the hills. You're reaping back all the years of hell you gave your people. I even bet the Russian Mob has a hit out on you, perhaps as a little payback?"

With reluctance Mikhail Sevnik replied with a thick accent, "Da, there may be some truth in what you say."

"Come on Mike cut out that Da crap, I know you were a field agent for years and can speak English better than I do." Johnson said glaring at the ragged man.

"Very well then if you insist Mr. Johnson." Mikhail responded in perfect European English.

With a slight grin agent Johnson pushed the ash tray over towards Sevnik.

Mikhail looked at Johnson. The agent replied with a nod and the ragged man quickly grabbed the cigarette and took in a long drag. He slowly let the smoke trickle out his nostrils.

"Now we can get down to business." The CIA agent said with a smug grin on his face.

After taking in several long drags from the cigarette Mikhail said "I may have some useful information on the KGB and..."

"It's 1993 Mike; the KGB is just an old soldier from the past." interrupted the CIA agent.

"But, the KBG still has some standing," replied the ragged man.

With that Johnson turned his head towards the mirror and gave it a nod. Within seconds you could hear the door unlock and a well-dressed lady in blue entered the room. She was holding a file and handed it to Agent Johnson. She quickly exited the room and the door was locked again. Only the faint aroma of her perfume remained.

Opening the folder Johnson rubbed his chin stubble as he looked over the documents inside.

Getting nervous Mikhail puffed his smoke down to the filter until you could smell the stink of it burning. Quickly he snuffed its remains out in the ash tray.

Johnson took a second and looked up at the former proud KBG agent.

"I only knew about KBG Intel Mr. Johnson," Mikhail said nervously stroking his dirty beard.

The CIA agent said holding up the folder, "We already have most of that information. A number of other former KGB agents beat you to that."

The ragged man stopped stoking his chin and replied, "Even as a field agent I only stole secrets from the US. I can give you all the details on that."

Slapping the folder back on the table Johnson exclaimed, "What we need is hard Intel on other countries and their agents."

"I gave you a list of names earlier of a few former KBG agents that you might be able to..."

Holding the folder back up the CIA agent said, "We also finished going over that list, sorry Mike no dice. Either they are dead, missing or already on Uncle Sam's gravy train."

Mikhail Sevnik slumped forwards in his chair. With a deep sigh he rubbed his bloodshot eyes.

Agent Johnson stood up placing the folder back on the table. He said, "If you don't have anything better than that Mike, I don't think we can..."

Mikhail interrupted, "There is one thing, something that still scares the crap out of me even to this day."

After a quick glance at the mirror Agent Johnson said, "You have my attention."

Mikhail said nothing. He bit his upper lip and stared at the pack of smokes on the table near the CIA agent.

Johnson smiled and picked up the pack of cigarettes and lighter. He started to get one out and light it. Slowly he placed it back in the pack. He stood up and walked over to the KBG agent.

Former agent Sevnik looked up at him puzzled.

Johnson looked into his eyes and asked, "Is it that good?"

Mikhail said nothing.

"Well now," Johnson said and handed the entire pack and lighter to Mikhail.

The ragged man quickly pulled out one of the cancer sticks and lit it. Savagely he sucked in the smoke.

Johnson went back to the other side of the table, sat down and waited.

Once Mikhail finished three cigarettes he finally said, "Before I became a field agent I was a KGB liaison officer at the Baikonur Space Center in Central Asia in the late 60's."

Mikhail stopped to light up another smoke. After taking a few more draws he continued, "In March 1969 director Korolev was overseeing the launch of ..."

"Wait a minute Sergei Korolev, the father of the soviet space agency, was director of some soviet space project in 1969? That's not possible he died in 1966. Mike if you're feeding me a..."

Mikhail laughed, choking on his cigarette.

"What's so funny?"

"You Americans always think you know everything. I must admit that was one of the best secrets we kept from you for all these years."

"So he didn't die in 1966?"

"No, it was one of the greatest fake deaths in soviet history. It also served several different purposes."

"Explain," inquired the CIA agent.

"By the mid 60's our Russian space agency was not having the same success you Americans were. Faking Korolev's death not only gave the Russians a fair excuse for losing the space race, but gave our greatest scientist the chance to do even more in total secrecy."

Johnson looked at the ragged man with skepticism and said, "Ok, let's say I buy this. What's all that got to do with some terrible secret?"

"It happened after a launch of a very special craft. Just as it entered orbit it encountered a UFO." Mikhail said in a hushed voice.

"Unidentified flying object?" asked Johnson.

"It was identified by our special craft and we were ordered by premier Kruschev to shoot it down."

"Your special craft was armed?"

"Don't be stupid, we were sending armed manned spy satellites up for years before this and your government knew about them."

Johnson rubbed his nose and said, "Yeah that maybe true, so what was it you were ordered to shot down?"

The ragged man leaned forward and with a sigh of smoke he replied, "A flying saucer."

Agent Johnson stood up and walked over to the mirror and looked at it intently for a few seconds.

He turned back towards the former KBG agent and asked, "What did your government do with the Saucer you shot down?"

Mikhail stared at the floor and replied, "We did not bring the Saucer down, and unfortunately it was destroyed by our craft. The resulting explosion caused our special craft to crash in Yekatrinburg. I think it's called the state of Sverdlovsky now. "

"What was this special craft you keep referring to Mike?"

With a long drawn smoke filled sigh Mikhail replied, "The craft was also a flying saucer."

After a quick glance back at the mirror Johnson exclaimed, "How is that possible?"

"I don't know all the details but the first prototypes were captured Nazi Saucers we soviets acquired during the end of World War two. We also got a fair number of scientists who had been working on them."

Johnson walked over to the table and sat down and stared at Mikhail. After a few seconds he finally asked, "What of your crashed saucer?"

"I personally called Lieutenant General Ponomarenko, commander of Air Defense forces in the region our saucer crashed. He was very helpful in cleaning up the mess and kept quiet about it. However, years later some of the filmed documentation leaked out. So the powers that be just branded it an elaborate hoax and it all cooled down."

"I see," was all agent Johnson could say.

Mikhail stood up and snuffed out his cigarette and exclaimed, "Don't you understand Mr. Johnson either some underground Nazi group was still creating Saucers at the time or worse we have real alien crafts on our world."

Still holding the pack of cigarettes and lighter Mikhail quickly took out another smoke and lit it. After puffing on it a few times he added, "Who knows why they are here. The saucer might have just been a scout for something much bigger and more powerful. Maybe that's what all these UFO are, just scout ships. Since we destroyed one of them, who knows what they might do to those that have attacked them."

Before Johnson could say anything some noise could be heard in the hallway behind the door. A man burst into the room holding a gun. He was a tall thin white man dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. He was clean shaven with dark short hair and wearing dark sun glasses.

Agent Johnson quickly jumped up from his chair and reached for his holstered gun. Two shots rang out and the CIA agent fell to the floor.

Suddenly more gun shots could be heard from behind the mirror. It shattered to reveal a room with camera's and audio recorders. Also inside were two blue suited CIA agents and the secretary that brought the file in earlier. They were all dead with gunshot wounds. Mikhail could also see more men dressed in black in the room. They were quickly grabbing all of the recoding tapes and cameras.

While keeping his eyes on Mikhail the man in black said towards the once hidden room, "Make sure to collect our bug."

Looking back at Mikhail the man in black said, "It's too bad Mr. Sevnik. If we found out about you sooner these folks wouldn't have had to suffer."

"So now what, you kill me too?"

"Oh no, at least not yet."

"I don't understand," the ragged man said now shaking.

"It would seem we weren't the only ones to have gotten our hands on Nazi Saucers and scientists back in '44'. You see Mr.Sevnik the saucer you shot down in '69' was ours. If the truth of this were to ever get out that the other saucer that took it down was yours and not aliens then..."

With a long sour face Mikhail interrupted "Your little black operation would be over and you would all be out of a job."

By Lee Crystal

From: United States