Too Much Talk Yet Nothing Said

Grapefruit sunburst, rainbows on fire, skylights of silver stars, black cherry ice spikes, mango splash slides and champagne on angel wings.

We are craving the dynamite. We are tasting your explosions.

All the promises and the failed deliveries. The dangled broken pieces of romance and the loose fitting rumors but we keep wanting the truth we keep hoping for your reality. We watch we want and we believe as you dance and circle and flaunt. Run. No. Stay. We have to have you. Go. Wait. Show us more.

It's hypnotic erotic. It's disgusting and beautiful.

Hold still. Fly away.

There's whispers about you. There's lies we've all had you. There's the tries and the fails and the denials and betrayals. Have you ever really? One time one word was spoken and the story was born to rip around the world as we waited on your next chapter.

Can you hang on to your fame can you ride your rails of false name can you headstrong ram the collision of shame. You'll be caught. Something else rises behind you. Stronger. A realist who drives harder. You're a puddle of backstory history. A new path has been carved. Run. Your feet will burn as your dance is just embers.

Your time is over. A power to bury you has risen. We want more. You can't deliver any longer.

A shadow across our land. A truth. Have you ever? Oh yes.

By Shauna Woodbury

From: Canada