The sparrow and the crow

On a path that was thorned and narrow. Came a meeting of souls, a crow and a sparrow. The sparrow says to the crow, "you call yourself a bird"? You're neither beautiful or graceful, and you caw, how absurd. You're always alone, sitting in that tree all day long. Unlike me who is colorful, with a beautiful song. The crow spreads his wings and looks down at the bird. My caw is to communicate, not just to be heard. My color is dark, to blend with the night. I soar to travel, not flap just for flight,. My perch is always the woods tallest tree. You will never witness the view my eyes see. For you little bird, stays close to the ground. Sing your song just to be making a sound. So you see my dear friend, we are both just a bird. One lives for meaning, the other to be admired and heard.

By Maria Hahn

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