The Promise

 ♥I walked to your house
And knocked on your door
My breathing was heavy
My gaze on the floor

♥I was feeling uneasy
Didn’t know what to expect
But you pulled me in closely
And tenderly kissed my neck

♥Tingles and shivers
Ran down my spine
The taste of your lips
So sweetly divine

♥You took my coat
And set it aside
Excitement now surges
As our bodies collide

♥You whispered softly
Into my ear
All those sweet nothings
I long to hear

♥It was pure passion
Completely laid bare
Electrified energy
Crackled the air

♥We shared happy laughter
I basked in your arms
We cuddled long after
And yielded to charms

♥You promised I would always
Be close to your heart
That we'd share life forever
Never would we part


By Sharon Cunningham

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