God made man in his own image and put him into a earthly home

God recognized that man was all alone

So God thought to himself ......let me create for him a soulmate and not just a clone

Let me create a kindred spirit is from his flesh and his bone

He took a bone from the place that protects the heart and the soul

We spend the majority of our lives searching for that missing piece just so we can feel whole

But most of the time we return with our heart broken into a million pieces

All coming from flawed situationships and faulty leases

A square peg will never fit a round hole so every other form of protection I choose to put close to my heart won't fit because it's not the right piece

So I begin to search out the dangerous pieces and build up my defenses

So much that I've became defensive and apprehensive

They say love is blind, well according that then pain must cause you to see 20/20

So I really don't need these contacts or glasses because I've had plenty

And since I didn't get it the first time the pain then became a repeatable lesson

And suppression of the pain only led to depression

Which leads to reaching out for help from any direction

Which will leave you to be vulnerable to falling for the deception

So I begin the process of self diagnosis and came up the prescription of seclusion

only gave me a sense of security that was based on an illusion

The illusion that if I didn't expose myself then I couldn't get hurt

But then I realized that you can't keep a band-aid on a wound and expect the healing process to work

So I'll keep searching no matter how much the pain stings

Because in the Bible it's says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing

By Wordpl@y

From United States

Instagram wrdpla_aka_wordplay