Into the Sunlight

As the world still turns
My body still yearns
For that precious moment
That happens when I am about to fall asleep

Take me away from today’s misery
And propel me int tomorrow’s hope
Hold out what I need
And I will gladly climb the rope

Let the moon’s rays that cascade in soft light showers
On Earth cleanse my spirit and soul as my consciousness goes dead
Yet my mind is full and fed
Of dreams and ideas that arise in my mind after the day has died

While I am dreaming, let these thoughts
Cleanse and wash away
With soap and warm water
The pains of yesterday

Let them plant vineyards in my mind
A huge jungle and forest bursting with life while I sleep at night
Growing and spreading out like a beautiful disease
Like the roots of a tree, like a heart’s arteries

All this happening
In my head
While I am asleep in my bed
For when it’s all done growing, that is when my eyes flutter open

To see the sunlight
Pouring in from the window onto me
I don’t call anything
From the way last night transformed my destiny

It doesn’t matter
My mind has finally healed itself from yesterday’s sorrow

And now, today, I stand big and bright
I know wherever I am going
I will turn away from the darkness
And into the sunlight.

By Tanya Brouse
Instagram- @poemsbyvienna