Catalyst for Rectal Fissures


Your ass will surely bleed.

This is no diatribe,

Just a skewed Mary Poppin's

"Spoon full of Sugar" type of poem

That's gonna ravage your sphincter

The way woodchippers on full-power

Do downed trees.

Don't hate me for telling it like it

Don't judge me for turning "once upon a time,"

or "Happy Trails" into a real-life Dante's Inferno

That so many pretend is not happening.

You know damn well it is, just look around you.

Soak in this abysmal broken-cage zoo

Of loosed human animals

Doing unspeakable things to each other

In the name of God & money.

Don't blame me for stitches that

You might now need...

I told you, at the beginning--Do Not Read.

Now a tourniquet you'll stuff

Between your butt-cheeks

For reading this far & pretending

That this free-verse poem is pointless,

That it's nothing.

Really? Yet... still you read.

You see...

You do it to yourself.

Engage in entertaining your mind

With this online poem--so uninviting.

So brash and like many spilt thumb-tacks

Hidden in the dark

That you step on your way to bathroom

To piss & fart.

Take it how you want to and, take it or leave it.

I don't care if you'd rather be masturbating

To Japanese anime that's neverending,

Or hugging tight your China made sex doll...

Those are your hands, your fingers, to do with

As you please.

Even if it's poking your mate's bottom

How a Poindexter proctologist would

To plug the fetid source

Of seeping fissures and

Rank, half-birthed, ass-cheese...

By RJ Williams