Into the Fray

No more tomorrows do they see
Nor words of love said, can there be
They left all behind as they buried their fear
To them it was duty they felt was more dear

So many left home for the very first time
The most crucial thing to happen in their short lifetime
Just barely 18, full of honour and pride
Sadly, many young boys were said to have died

Many a mother wailed as she clung to her son
She cared not one whit of the wrongs he had done
For he was her baby going off to the war
No more could she ask him to do one more chore

Dads stood by proudly as their boys took their place
They wished it was them, while tears streamed down their face
No longer could they hold back and present a strong front
Throats constricted and words issued in an inaudible grunt

Anxious wives hugged husbands and clutched children’s hands
It would fall on them now to handle life’s heavy demands
There were many young brides unconsoled on this day
Watching husbands trudge away, visibly in the family way

Thus into the mist they did depart, 
By foot and train, with heavy heart
Not only young men, but older too, 
Thousands and thousands, not just a few

Hour by hour, and day by day
Every brave moment they spent in the fray
This was not glory, this war was pain
The terror and misery they could never feign
We know you fought bravely, however beset
In our hearts you’ll remain
Lest We Forget

By Sharon Cunningham