To Call Australia Home

We are but one people with the linking of hands
Our hearts beat as one, with the melding of lands
We’re the dusty red soil, and the glorious streams
We are one proud heart with limitless dreams

We have iconic spire rocks
Wild eucalyptus, and wattle blossoms
Clear waters, amazing beaches
And furry brushtail possums
Secured and connected, together as one
One people, many hearts, under a vehement sun

Ancestors and creation, all part of The Dreaming
Conceived this new land, life thus began teeming
Red rocks were born
Of the dust and the lime
And moulded from the visions
Of spirits of time

Waters had once raged and helped shaped the land
The earth that erupted has eroded to sand
Squatters and swagmen tended it with their hands
While crystal blue skies prevailed over the lands
Together, we’re all fine mates, loyal and proud
No one is too lowly, no one disavowed
The radiant Southern cross proudly waves high above
Australia is home and the land that we love

By Sharon Cunningham