My Baby Boy

My baby boy, I can't even watch him grow. I bet he's as tall as me now.
Instilled in my mind, that's broke all the time. But when I close my eyes I see his smile.
"Daddy Lets Go!" Squirt guns! Backyard! It's going down! Clothes Drenched! Oh my.
Monsters Inc. Falling asleep on me. I won't even move, I'm just gonna breathe.
My 3 song set list, my guitar gently weeps as you say "Daddy Play" an I strum till you sleep.
Do you kiss him for me? Do you tell him his Daddy loves him?
One day he'll know this Mountain I'm climbing, the battle I'm fighting! He's why I'm striving.
I'll see you soon Emmy cause I won my war! I'm beat an torn but for all the more!
I'll throw you up in the air again even when your ten!
Cause I love an miss you so much!
Until I see you again!

By Vegas Gialketsis