Heartbeat Life

Following faintly audible sounds, a bleating heart

Throbs slow shallow but rhythmic mellow tone

Beeping geiger counter a faint monotone ticking

Gravitates gathering past emotions of the living

A singular indescript decaying spirit near death

Regaining or losing genuine senses & directions

A heartbeat desiring to pound louder, stronger

Acknowledging each moment as more valuable

An impossible timeless journey venturing alone

Emotionless, trapped in solitude missing beats

Excitement entertains with a fearful frightful leap

Longingly reviving a musical interlude symphony

Resounding harmony amidst a multitude of beats

Exposing a love starved mystical hearts throb

Strengthen veins vessels filled with vibrant life

Warmth swirling profoundly with every heartbeat

Seeking belonging among orchestra rhythms

Singularly searching flowing no longer a droplet

Crimson flaming red runs through bluish veins

Rushing heartbeat finding it’s harmonic sounds

Hearing listening to melodies of living alive

Faint irradical throb no more, strong vibrant beats

Rejoicing life spirit flows vibrant heart b e a t s

A symphony reflecting a soul alive, a symphony

By Rose Huy Woolket