Rambling 47: Destruction vs Creation

The thinkers discuss whether they believe humans destroy or create more.

In the midst of having microphone trouble Jack is informed by Cristina that the walruses of the world are dying. Going north to investigate what is the cause of the death, Jack speculates Dolphins as they are the humans of the ocean and might be at war not just with walruses but with one another. Cristy then follows the lead straight to the humans. An arctic underground facility reveals governments are building robots to fight the robots of other countries and this construction is what is destroying the countless lives of the walruses. The only hope left for marina life is the rogue androids eager to join the robot war.

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Topics Discussed

  • Our Planet Documentary
  • Dying Walruses
  • Water Humans
  • Dolphins at War
  • Destruction vs Creation
  • Military Video Games
  • The Future of War
  • Robot Wars
  • Hacking War
  • Winning Wars
  • Androids vs Cyborgs
  • The Olympics
  • Galactic Dyson Sphere
  • Wolves to Pugs