Rambling 40: Difficult Choices

The thinkers drop the tone to discuss making difficult choices in order to follow our dreams and the many things that get in the way of seeing our choices clearly in the first place. From religion, to family, to culture and even the mere idea of judgement, the philosophers dive deep in this more serious episode.

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Topics Discussed

  • Raising a Child vs Following out Dreams
  • Ideologies that hold us back
  • Pressure from friends and family
  • Religious restraints and crutches
  • Giving advice
  • Listening to those in need
  • Being selfish by choice
  • Working for no reason
  • Not understanding love
  • People with excuses
  • Waking up early to create
  • Being the example of success for our children
  • The goal isn’t happiness or money, it’s purpose
  • Dear White People
  • Religions and Cults
  • The Easy way
  • Technology ruins us