Rambling 49: The Marijuana Conspiracy

The thinkers discuss how intoxication culture has taken over the world and what could be pushing it forward.

During the investigation into Round Space the philosophers discover the intoxication conspiracy. An elaborate plan designed by the governments of the world in order to get the humans of the planet high in order to believe in flat space. In their attempt to uncover all the secrets of this new and twisted conspiracy against humanity the duo learns that marijuana’s sole purpose has always been to control the populations of the Earth. How it’s done astounds both of them into shock!

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Topics Discussed

  • Recreational Marijuana Use
  • Fast Food Addiction
  • Media Misinformation
  • Elite Information
  • Selective Research
  • Intoxication Culture
  • Global GPS
  • Government Controlled Internet
  • The Uninformed Woke
  • Human Addicts
  • The Scientific Method