Rambling 44: Ancient Advanced Civilizations

The thinkers discuss the possibility that ancient civilizations had advanced technologies and the mysterious disappearance of the Mayan civilization.

Exploring the ruins of the fallen Mayan civilization the duo uncovers a trail of clues that reveals a dark truth. The Mayan’s, as previously revealed in their calander, predicted a tragedy likely to strike Earth and lead to mass extinction sometime in the 2000s. Investigating the clues the duo realized every so often a mass alien invasion takes place. Humans harvested as discussed in episode 2.12. The proof is staggering. Seeking the knowledge on how the Mayan’s planned and escaped this impending Earthling doom the duo ventures into the Mayan pyramids to uncover all sorts of advanced technologies and a plan orchestrated by the Mayans crazy enough that is might have just worked! Find out how on this episode!!

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Topics Discussed

  • Buried Ancient Technology
  • Natures Creations
  • Ancient Nuclear Reactor
  • The First Intelligent Life
  • Intelligent Life Before Humans
  • Flat Earth
  • Hollow Earth
  • The Mayan Civilization
  • Advanced Technology in Ancient Pyramids
  • Alien Invasions
  • Mass Extinctions Events
  • The Matrix Survival Plan
  • Messages Left Behind by Advanced Intelligence