Surface Tension

Linguistic synergy
Sick insistent energy
Restrictive mentally 

Bubbling up the worthless
Going berserk in
Priceless with work in
It’s working
Goes from broken
To whole thing

Began joking
Got hoping
It came with fear
Wax could melt if too near
Cowards slack
Take one step back
Things go undealt
Peek over shoulders
Gripping pistols pinned to belts
Speak scared, “its over”
Won’t lose this empire that’s built 

Hell hounds bark at the door
All dos go paid
May truth remain the same
Dreams of bars, a cage
Prison cell with name
The one heard everyday
A reflection just the same
These intentions never changed
Off the rooftops cussing names
Ashamed of feeling pain
Tightly squeeze it deeper

Avoid all frames
Found a way
Paper and pen
Destroy all things
Let the words do what they can
Damage will happen
But if the rage stays
There will be no way
To reverse self destruction
End the curse, hit the button
Better that than leave nothing
All laid to waist

Ride explosions down the mountains
Cause commotions
Make distortions
There’s no method to these potions
The only plan is coping
Slow burn to clear the throat
No breaks, no turns
This shit is work