Sliding Slime

The forces of nature depict monsters and strangers
Causes of imminent danger
Blame hurts but disdain burns greater
Like inflamed coal burning black smoke
Up the ass and passed the damn throat
Never mind the trash talk
Air-head, the inflated savior
The last hope
Grave digger
This white nigger who stands on stacks to feel bigger
Triggered when seen fire beneath his feet
Thinking seas
The ship with Lincoln and King Luther sinking, bleak
Tired and unwilling to admire this old cynical liar
Truth hurts so he won’t try it
Clever illusions help with denial
Severed connections avoiding trials
Endeavor rejected
Estranged from life’s isles
Well placed forgotten wive cry at the sour taste
Hours race as revealed size turns out fake
Masked and disguised
The flag waves its stripes at the stars in the sky
Won’t bat an eye in the dark to light a spark
Not for the dim star in the box
Right before faces yet disconnected and far
Disgracefully charred the bridges
Still at large the small slide between fingers
No grip strong enough to hinder
Stripped of value believers salute
Diluted statues of corruption since youth
Outlet stats drive madness without proof
Magical, when searched for, long been since aloof