Relapse In Reverse

Poison filled syringe poised just a tinge
Boy still unhinged with the joy to binge
Sober hell, it’s all well stoner
Loner in a cell hidden to drown the noise
Pesky voice, broken record making choices
Fuckin’ heckler making jokes
Drowsy summer, stumble and fall ‘till October
Recall deployed smoke, an attack to destroy hope
Unable to react, moving too slow
Won’t go back, can’t cope
There’s no stop, nope
Don’t hold your breath, you’ll choke
Dabble in ink to handle the sink
Crew scrambles to abandon the ship
Difficult steer, losing grip
Need a shrink, I’m too tired to think
Gradual blink to admire the stink
Fires to shrink the forest
Direct all tourists to ash
Leave nothing unsmashed
Reject influences that don’t interact
With the nuances in the neurons still intact
Refuse to glue ounces back
Brain damages stays jacked
Through milage cue the wrath
Corkscrew out, enjoy the blast