In Bed With Arthur


Arthur, after having liberated the evil from the corrupt family, was once again caught by the corrupt police and returned to his prison. The cage where they accuse him of insanity. He knows the bad guys don’t win. And he’s the hero of the story, so he will not lose.


Eyes open, I’m in bed
Six years, been like I’m dead
Tech sticking from my head
Strapped, chain down
Dark room, no sound
Mind rush, go round
Fear, possessed now
No exit near while held down
Tears, the scream bounce around
Leering gaze from the shadows of the room
A crooked grin, hazy, sharp teeth, it’s hungry too
An abomination, with no hesitation it draws close
My heart races to my throat, I begin to choke
Like a ghost it floats over and its gone
Something wrong is going on
There’s blood being drawn from the pipes plugged to my arms
Connected to alarms to alarm who’s got me here to cause me harm
The bad guys, they’ve gone mad and want me to disappear
We don’t quite get along
But I’m too clever for this cage
I’ve already escaped this place
I’ll do it again now, any day
They can’t hold me here for long

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