Miriam raises her eyebrow at Robert’s comment. A perfect day always manages to get ruined somehow. Robert stomps out of the kitchen leaving Miriam owl eyed and open palmed. She’s a video on pause, a pin drop would sound like a catastrophic pileup on the highway by a middle school in the middle of an afternoon. “Fucking asshole! Ugh!” She walks off in the opposite direction and shuts the front door that was apparently open the entire span of the argument.

The kids are already upstairs avoiding dad’s angry yelling. Hiding in the best most quiet hiding spot.

Moments later Miriam is back in the kitchen eating the wine bottle through a frustration induced tomato face. Vibrant deep red wine drains into the glass and then out, over and over in rapid succession. Throwing the empty bottle in the trash. Far beyond tipsy she notices the front door is open again. Robert must’ve gone for a drive out of anger. She shuts it and heads back to the living room.

Robert’s car peeks from the driveway on the other side of the living room window. No one’s inside it.

In the hall across the kitchen Miriam sees Rebecca, her youngest, walk by.

Behind Rebecca followed a colossally tall figure. Shoulders the width of The Grand Canyon. Someone much larger than Robert.

An intruder.

“ROBERT!” Miriam yells, her voice quivering with nervousness. She’s unable to stop herself from following into the kitchen and then the hall across. “ROBERT!” she yells, again.

The tone of Miriam’s cries alerted Robert to the appropriate degree of danger as he comes down gun in hand. “What’s wrong, is everything alright?” he asks darting into the hall behind Miriam.

“I saw someone. Where’s Rebecca?” Miriam ask, “Where’s Rebecca? I saw someone, Robert! There’s someone here! He was behind Rebecca! Where’s Rebecca?”

A loud crash of falling junk erupts from Rebecca’s room upstairs. She must’ve gotten upstairs through the kitchen hallway while Robert came down through the living room hallway.

Both Mariam and Robert teleport to the bedroom door where they see Rebecca and a strange man, monstrous in size. “REBECCA!” Miriam yells and runs over grabbing Rebecca by the arm and viscously yanking her away from the stranger, nearly detaching the girls arm.

“GET OUT! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?” Robert’s swinging the pistol around, trying to scare the man out of the house, but the man’s unthreatened and paces towards Robert…