Arthur’s white room has no definition. The walls are white, the floor and ceilings are white. Even the bed and the food, and the clothes. Now, Arthur has become accustomed to this white lifestyle of his, but it’s not exactly what he wanted. But in the middle of lunch today Arthur wandered the halls to notice the front door was open. No lock, no guards around waiting or watching. He analyzes his surroundings to see if a prank of some type is being played. People can’t be trusted. Everyone is a monster in this world and he knows it. He finds nothing, no one, zero, zilch! And he steps outside into the main lobby, also empty of security and the people waiting to visit their family members don’t seem to notice that Arthur didn’t belong there.

Out the double doors. Daylight smacks Arthur straight across the face, temporarily blinding him. It’s been a while since he’s left the building. He hasn’t seen a street for what seems like months. Maybe it’s even been years. His understanding of time is a bit off, and he can’t seem to tell days apart without sunlight.

He manages to stroll off into the woods unnoticed and wanders for a while. Remembering to walk a straight line in order to avoid going in circles he spots a small town up ahead. The incoming road welcomes newcomers with a large green sign reads Welcome to Pleasant Valley.

Customers come into view going in and out of a small bodega near the sign. Upon closer inspection Arthur finds it’s a plaza at the entrance of town. A small shopping center for the kind folk of Pleasant Valley and any kind visitors who might come through.

A small family of four catch his attention. He remembers having a mom and dad, and he’s always wanted a brother and sister, so he figures he’ll introduce himself. Arthur knows they’ll love him because he’s extremely caring and very sensitive. Those are good characteristics he’s told.

On that note, Arthur follows behind them, but freezes when it comes to introducing himself. He was going in without a plan. What would his first words be to his new family? He needs to make a great big impression for them to love him.

He’s mortified that he can’t think of anything and they’re nearly home. Arthur begins to panic quietly. He really, really, REALLY wants to introduce himself before they get inside and forget him. He doesn’t have a key yet. But to his disbelief it’s over and they’re inside.

Disappointed, Arthur stands with a great big frown weighing on him. “They left me outside…” he says. “It’s Jimmy’s fault!” he yells out assuming that’s the young boy’s name. “Because he’s jealous that mom and dad love me more!” He paces nervously back and forth not knowing what to do. He claps his hands to focus.

Jimmy’s inside this very second talking to mom and dad and there is nothing Arthur can do about it from outside, he needs to get inside the house to stop Jimmy who has gone mad! And if Arthur is too late Jimmy could have brought mom and dad to the dark side. And little sis, she’s so young. Arthur’s infuriated Jimmy would do this to him. He’s frantically searching the pots and rocks and the welcome mat for a key, but no luck. Moments from giving up, his finger brushes against the spare key over the door.

He opens the door and goes in…