Rhyme Battle Response


Bringin’ a big man down?
What’s that garbage sound that’s bouncin’ around?
Tiny little white girl with her head in the clouds?
Blunt in her mouth just tryna be loud?
Proud of something but no sign in town?
And I gotta say
I don’t think it’s wise to be spillin’ your brain
On the sidewalk
It’s nice but you need it for this game
Come join the circle I’m makin’
You’ll find it was around the spot you were standin’
Tryna fix the square you’re designi’
Life’s not fair
So quit ridin’ your own dick
Start spyin’ on those of us who know what we’re doin’ when we’re rhymin’ with this shit
Those lines you came by all rhymed at the end each time
That’s fine but it won’t keep up with mine
Better step up that grind if you plan to do it right next time
This is just me fuckin’ around
Because if I tried you would have been crushed a week back from now
I don’t want to keep you down
Luckily you do that for me and of that I’m proud
The simplicity your words feed to me makes my job respondin’ easily the funnest part of my day
Beezin’ by when I seize a moment in time to craft a clever rhyme
But it leaks out
I no longer struggle when I write
Specially when the fight is up against someone still workin’ with the basics
Face it, you’re graceless in your tasteless attempts to make statements that win
Takes these pills
Take this pen
Take a seat
Write until the pills kick in
A suicide note
So this pathetic series of attempts could end