I’m spittin’ steamy venom acid to melt the flaccid words your sayin’
They drive me volcanically mad getting’ ingrained in my brain
I go insane tryina explain how such a self-proclaimed intellectual person
So vein, can spit this garbage you’re sprayin’

I’m over here speakin’ slow lava on fleek
A cobra from the fire nation in control
Molten hot speech fire leak
No fighter has enough engine or drive to stop me
Sound the siren and bow as my words clear the clouds
A firenado with some sharks for good measure shoots down
The ground rumbles and crumbles and magma comes out

In this case the ground is the shit you’re tryina say
These whack “clever” comebacks you lack to strike or attack with
Step back you dimwitted half ass attempt at real lyrics you can’t spit
Save yourself, don’t keep wastin’ away on these lame displays
Go and hibernate, save your energy for another day
Use it on a person two or three notches away from you
A couple of million from me
Do it for you and do it for me

Don’t draw an imaginary box for yourself and think it defines you
You’re allowed to be trash if it’s how you feel
Let me remind you
You started from the bottom
Maybe one day you’ll get out of there

Step one is accepting you have a problem
And lettin’ god guide you to a better hole than the one you’ve been in
So you know the reality you’re livin’
And let go of the fantasy you’ve superimpose
Where you’re the hero
Everyone else is the villain
It’s a profuse delusion to even be assumin’ you’re in the story
It’s an illusion, a twist of the truth

I’m sorry, but I’m not even sure who you are while I’m here talkin’ to you
So far the clues I’ve gotten are consistent with my interpretation
That you don’t exist
You’re a figment of some kid’s imagination
That manifested a physical form and now won’t go away
He should’ve been warned that a lack of thought could backfire one day
The anti-volcano