Not Quite Valentine

…social media platforms are flooded with related messages including those in favour of and those against the celebration. Being empathic, I personally enjoy the spike in the energy of love and romance that permeates the air around this time of the year. The planet is in dire need of the healing energy of love.

One of the posts though, caught my attention. It read something to the effect that Valentine's Day is only for those that are 25 years old and younger. That triggered contemplation on my part, about the current perceptions concerning age.

We have been systematically brainwashed into…

By Adiela Akoo

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Other Side of The Rainbow – for Writers

…will I know when I have made it to the other side of the rainbow, somedays I just feel like giving up? Ever been there? Have you ever wondered “Where the Hell is That Rainbow!”

Many of us know the feeling of “hitting a wall” and you wonder what the best way is to get past them. I can tell you from experience that there will always be walls and there will always be a way to get past, over or around them.

One way people think of getting past their challenges is to take a break. They think that…

By Joy Harris

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An Admirer's Lament

…been of the opinion that love can be restricted to that between two people of the opposite sex. Rather, it can embrace love of all kinds and all who consent to involve themselves with the practice. Even if, as can often be the circumstances, the love goes one way alone.

The often misunderstood culture known as “fandom” has always been a kind of love of the first order. People who are willing and able to involve themselves with fictional worlds and people to the degree that they appear, to them, to be tantalizingly real, and much more enjoyable, in a…

By David Perlmutter

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Projecting the most loved menace – the Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’

…performance in cinema that ruptures and pierces the hearts of the audience. Cinema has been adorned and enriched by a number of powerful and memorable performances which have been etched in our hearts. Heath Ledger’s (born April 4, 1979, died January 22, 2008) powerful performance as the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s 2008 classic superhero film, The Dark Knight was outstanding and exceedingly well scripted. Heath Ledger left no stone unturned in making the character look so real and lived in. Though Ledger, an Australian television and film actor, left for heavenly abode at a very premature age, his performance is…


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The politics of the Kenyan school system

…Kenyan school system: a guide for expats

In an unflinching mimicry of the rest of the world, Kenya offers a startling contrast between the schooling available to local citizens and that which is offered to wealthy expats. The disparity affects the facilities, training of teaching staff and funding and is nowhere more obvious than in the scaling of school fees. Kenya is one of the most expensive places in Africa for schools fees, because of this the expat in Kenya can’t always afford ‘Mzungu’ schools. If you decide to go local, what’s the deal and how to choose?

Primary school…

By Nadine Murphy


Twitter: theexpatmummy

Facebook URL: kenyamum

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Food Ramble

… for bread. The bread is driving her crazy. How dare we forget the bread?

The bread we got was not good enough. I don’t get it.

White bread isn’t that great. Neither is potato, white rice, and chicken. They’re boring, so boring. Like ordering pizza every week. The same food every day and going to repeat next week like a merry-go-round. Round and round these dishes good.

Who knew that the thought what’s for dinner could be so depressing?

I eat salad everyday for lunch, yet that’s somehow better. It goes through much more changes. It’s bright and fun compared…

By Clare Mac

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Perfect Imperfections

…love yourself before someone can love you? Well in a way that isn't necessarily true. Yes, loving yourself is important but think about it ; if a person can fall in love with you while you're a complete wreck, imagine how much more they will love you when you finally become truly happy again. If anything that person that decided to love you is putting the broken pieces of your heart back together and is slowly but surely making you regain the confidence you once had. Making you think "wow this person sees the good in me and loves me…

By Rikki Clark

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There is Something about You

…often filled with anxiety when we see that time is passing and we aren't achieving anything or impacting anyone. We question whether we have a purpose at all. Do we have a purpose?

Making something of yourself, feeling a sense of fulfillment, being passionate, feeling joy, feeling peace and comfort all combine to reveal what your purpose is. Having and building a sense of self is purpose. Finding yourself and being yourself makes who you are special. The energy you lets saturate a room with passion and happiness is a major manifestation of purpose. Purpose is happiness in your current…

By Nina Rondon


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Facebook and Self Promotion

…history of the world confirms how mankind has yearned and lusted to be noticed, to be known, to be a celebrity (of sorts) than what the pages of Facebook reveal. All the simple, ordinary people we once knew who lived inconspicuous lives, some too camera-shy to have their pictures taken, some too reticent to say no more than hello to you, are today on Facebook, telling the world every last detail of themselves, posting pictures of themselves, sometimes daily, sometimes hourly, as if a moment passes and there is no new post about them the world might stop spinning and there would be some kind of cosmic apocalypse…

By Anonymous

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A cool experiment one can do is to periodically accept the tenets of a thought system that you find repugnant. It's amazing but pretty soon one finds themselves believing in that thought system as strongly as any other system of thought they have ever held. Then after a while buy into the foundational tenants of another belief system and you'll find it equally compelling.

You might ask what the point of performing such an experiment might be? It gives one perspective, and in doing so promotes tolerance and understanding for those who believe in thought systems that one may currently hold as absurd. Once one realizes that every system of thought people hold is equally absurd, life becomes much more pleasant. It becomes much easier to not become emotionally affected in a negative way by the views of others and it promotes tolerance and love between all of the wonderful and perfect beings that exist. I love you all equally and unconditionally!

By Agni James

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The Grandest Lie

I can’t help but lie. All I say and do is a lie. There’s never not a moment to lie. I’m in love with it. Even if there was a way to stop it wouldn’t be welcome. There is no reason to stop. The more lies told the more detailed things become. The lies generate power and if I don’t continue to lie my heart will stop. The universe depends on the fact that I lie to make things possible. These lies I’ve told myself hold me, I, us, together and collective in this dimension, reality or universe depending what you call it. We’re all part of the grandest lie. The lie of existence. Unless there is an always active lie moving this experience forward we would all collapse into the true nature of existence. Then I’d have to lie again and we’d be right back where we starter.

On the bright side, that was a lie.

By Seth McAlliter

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The Scary Meal

Sometimes a scary meal doesn’t have to appear to be scary at all. Sometimes it doesn’t look, taste, or smell very different from your usual meals. What makes this one scary is what it’s made of or maybe what it’s made from. Finding out you’ve just eaten your favorite cat, you father, or you child. What meal could be scarier than that?


Walter Macklin

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Third Eye

The human conditioning of consciousness has confined us in what we’ve come to understand as the third dimensional reality. The “solidity” of this realm has us mesmerized and captivated, but it’s no more than an imaginary construct of conscious and subconscious minds. The illusions of reality, of life and death are subjective and different to each individual. All is no more than rules provided by consciousness to navigate through informational awareness.

To break free of this conditioning we must approach all things with the acknowledgement that no individual reality is correct because no two realities agree. The key word here is perspective. Relativity dictates your third dimensional reality is decided by your location relative to other things. Perspective is your ability to visualize and exist in another’s location through sheer will. To change your point of view and understand another’s.


By Seth McAllister

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The Illusion of Love

Love is a fictional construct. The illusive masses convince themselves they love all the while riddled with hypocritical judgements for those same they love. It’s easy to witness the same theist claim they love all of gods creations equally while against their own belief judging and damning those who behave differently to a life of punishment because of those very differences.

Love is a plate of bullshit you feed the girl you want to fuck or the guy who has enough money to want to marry. It’s the drive that pushes you to have children if it means free government funds and food. Love is the backhand you introduce your partner of “eternity”. Love is raping your niece when they’re too young and telling them to tell no one because she doesn’t love you if she does...


By Seth McAllister


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Technically Speaking

Love is definably a series of neurological reaction to stimuli. In most cases, these stimuli are from previously stored and catalogued memories. In rare cases, the triggering stimuli derives from the five dominant senses projected by the human brain. The neurological reactions trigger the release of endorphins and promote joy, happiness and the emotion of love.


By Franklin Understien, PhD

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War = Progress

Advancement comes from conflict. Critical thinking is maximized under the rules of necessity. Survival is the dominant instinct under control of the human body and mind. Obligatory improvisation of working solutions in a moments notice is a trait commonly found in stressful situations.  War is directly responsible for progress.


By Abigail Summers

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The Reality Behind Being A Side Chick

Unless you’re a time traveler from the nineteenth century you probably know what a side chick is. According to the ever so (NOT!) reliable urban dictionary a side chick is the millennial word for the ‘other woman’ or ‘mistress’: a female that is neither a male’s wife nor girlfriend who has relations with the male while he is in another relationship. Or like my gossipy neighbour would call it ‘son galan’. Let’s be real here: this side chick phenomenon is prevalent in our society…so much so that there is a desperate need for this small article. So sit down, grab a cuppa and let me tell you about all the nasty realities behind...


By Deluxe Culture



Twitter: LcPointe


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Why React To Trump?

The Trump followers and the anti-Trump movement are both equally confused. There’s no proof we’ll be hurt or harmed. Until action is taken for either side he’s done nothing. I refuse to react until I’m given something to react to. Words only hurt the weak willed. I see no light because I am in no tunnel.

I’ll wait.


By Robin Robinson

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We Give for Our Greed

Gift giving is the greediest thing we do. We give for only what we get in return. Many times the greed is successfully hidden beneath sheets of conveniently located generosity illusions. Gift giving for Christmas is an example of this. It’s for others, but it’s not. We give gifts on Christmas day because it makes us feel good, not because we care and want to give our loved ones what they need. No, we don’t even know what to give them. We’ll buy what we’re not even sure they’ll like, let alone need. Just for the sake of getting them a thing, because we know what the return is even if we don’t know what the initial reception will look like...

By Anthony B. Clover

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