You're Fired

It's fine. I don't care anymore. You can leave. You can stay. You can talk I won't listen. You can cry I can cry but the tears that fall aren't for the same reason.

Black white pink blue it's all just talk it's all just empty words filling up air space. Your breath

is foul anyway. Poisoned by your lies festered in bile. It doesn't matter. Preach, yell, rant, or offer creepy platitudes and cliches. I'm going on without you.

You are a stain in my memory. You are... There's no point in finishing this simply because I don't care. No need to call it off or stop our roll. We are just over. I don't care anymore.

You stare at me hoping for a breakthrough revelation and the power to fist slam with determination and resolve. No. Won't happen. You are just not worth it. Just like that I realized it. You are... well you are you.

Those were the last words I watched my reflection say back to me as I pulled the trigger. Now I lay with bits of my skull in blood on your floor. Now there's no me only you.

By Shauna Woodbury

From: Canada