Wild but Sweet

I had waited too long, along time I never had

You won the lottery of my heart and soul

So you alone have the grace to command

To watch this heart surrender and fall for you

Spending time together was preordained

Even though atimes you hurt like thorns

My destiny is to love the joy mixed with pain

Remain for me sweet pain, I won't give you up

Even in another world I will still choose you

For I can never find means to live without you

Around you is my center of attraction

When with you I love life and prays for more

Sweet one, you are a magician

In thy hands is power to give my heart scars

And power also to heal my heart of scars

I fail for you like a fallen fruit, and no going back

I forgive you for the time my world you led astray

Beforehand I knew you would be wild but sweet

My craving and passion for you renews each day

I will still love you same, a thousand years from now

By Nwankwo Christian ©