The Finder

The room held a hint of mystery
A winsome energy hung in the air
Whispers of essential oils
Wafted about my hair 
Crystals and bright colored stones
Adorned the windowsill 
I should be feeling comfortable
But had a bit of a worry, still

The scented oils smelled stronger
As I approached a large armchair
I had come to get an understanding
For that steadfast sense 
I belonged elsewhere
The kindly lady beside the desk
Welcomed me right in
She thanked me then said, 
"Take a seat, and then we can begin."

And so began the session
Not a thing felt odd or strange
Though it was new and novel
Nothing, I figured she should change
Until that thing, she said to me
That made me sit up straight
All along I'd listened cautiously
As she hinted at my fate

She said he's waiting for me
That he sent me here today
He'd thought of how to get to me
This was the only way

Wait! Tell me what that even means,
That he's waiting for me?
Who is waiting, who is HE?
What does he want with me?

But then her voice no longer had
Those sweetly dulcet tones
Her voice was now a rich baritone
....And I began to moan!

"I've come for you, my beloved.
I didn't know how to say.
The time has come to come with me,
No longer should you stay."
Of course, I stared with open mouth,
But inside -- a fluttering
My mind said this does not happen
But my heart was flowering
He said, "I know you feel it
Because I feel it too!
I promised I would wake you up
When I returned for you!"

My body tried to take control
And flee this craziness
But my heart and soul won out
They had recalled his true essence

Slowly he reached out his hands
And I reached out to him
Upon contact, it all came back
How deeply I'd missed him
He said," It's time, my beloved."
I said, "Deep down I've known!
I just could not connect the dots
Why it pained to be alone!"

He placed his hand upon my cheek, 
I covered his with mine
In a dazzling flash, I vanished
As I felt our souls entwine

The kindly lady stood
And slowly ambled to the door
She took a peek into the room
Where she saw there was one more

By Sharon Cunningham

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