The Champion

Today I feel invincible, astride my dragon's back,

my shield and armour made from scales no foe would dare attack.

I roam about the countryside and seek to do good deeds,

the peasants are such simple folk, I'm pleased to fill their needs.

No need to tilt at windmills, my opponents are quite real,

they smile and offer pleasantries but lie and cheat and steal.

With promises and hope for all, but never do deliver,

I vow to make them penitent with arrows from my quiver.

The overlords are arrogant, they feel they are immune,

but they've not dealt with dragons, perhaps they'll change their tune.

I'll not back down from tyrant's fist, resolve like iron does show,

to tear down ivory towers as the winds of change do blow.

Resistance is quite fierce, of course, this is their way of living,

my sword and shield protecting me, no quarter I'll be giving.

The people of my land deserve so much more than they get,

and still they warmly greet me with "Hail fellow!" and "Well met!"

Soaring over moors and marsh, the heather, fens and swales,

reflected in the streams and lakes, my glistening dragon's scales.

Alighting at my castle, though the battle's still not done,

I'll start anew tomorrow, till causes all are won.

By James Geehring