Pseudo Space Traveler

He sits in silence,

breathing in the

lavender night sky.

When he closes his eyes,

he sees periwinkle galaxies

so alluring that he weeps;

he desires to soar through the stars,

wistfully dancing through their dust,

allowing the gentle soprano of the vacuumed silence to take lead.

He’d leap through asteroid belts,

leaving footprints in the heavens,

moving through the suspended rocks as if he’s caught in a riptide.

What a magnificent time he would have.

His eyes snap open;

back to reality, he has no choice

but to gaze up at the sky

and ponder what-ifs and wilted dreams.

With both feet on the ground.

By Vincent Midolo

Instagram: @perma_burned

Facebook URL: https://m.facebook.com/permaburnedpoetry