Poetry to Swallow

When sculpting our heart’s poetry, it is good to approach our art as poetry as if it were a game. We need to play connect-the-dots with words and feelings, paying close attention to the sound and flow of our memories, as well as their arrangement on the page. It is never too late to be a Poet.

To be a poet, you need to know when to listen and when not, as well as begin every day with a moment of silence, during the day listen to the children who are always on, we can learn as much from them as they us,

poets need to befriend isolated thinkers, to enjoy their gift of gab, to recognize universal truths, listen to their intuitions, and welcome the muses that are their best fans,

Poets need to give credence to the and to know that there is no coincidence, and be appreciative we enjoy free will, Poets need to ride the winds with glee that blow through their minds, and to write those thoughts down before someone else does or before their forgotten all together,

Poets need to learn to appreciate the sun setting, a bird call, a quiet garden, a clear sky, and a creative effort with an unambiguous pen.

By Joyce White

Website: http://www.sculptingtheheart.blogspot.com

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/joyce.white.9615