Night Fear

When I was just a little one

I could not sleep so had to run

Down the hall to mom and dad

Hold me please, I feel my fears

My face is wet from all my tears

Mom and dad I'm scared you see

Mom and dad just please hold me!

But no, they yelled at me instead

They yelled at me to go to bed

This little one no hugs for you

You hug yourself to see you through

You cry yourself to sleep alone

And in the morning you are shown

Another day with night comes near

Again, you'll have to face your fear

So, please when it is late at night

And if your child's in such a fright

Hold them so and hold them tight

Tell them not to fear the night

Mom and dad are here for you

Mom and dad will see you through

No need to hug yourself alone

You have our love for you to own!

By Marian Torres

From United States

Instagram mizarahsdancing