My Sickness

From the soul of a Simple Sue.

I'm so sick of being sorry,

sick of always being wrong,

sick of never being good enough.

Just sick and tired of it all!

I'm sick of words misunderstood,

sick of words that go unheard,

sick of explaining what you won't understand.

Sick and tired of this silent stand.

I'm so sick of tears burning my eyes,

sick of feeling this ache inside,

sick of hoping that someday I'll be fine.

Sick and tired of wasted time.

I'm sick of trying,

sick of defeat,

I'm sick of the pain.

Sick and tired with nothing to gain.

I'm sick of my feelings being shot down,

sick of lying on the ground,

sick of being broken inside.

I'm sick and tired with nowhere to hide.

I'm so very sick of feeling alone,

sick of always trying to atone,

sick of this anger, sick of this rage!

Sick of living in a cage.

Just sick and tired of living at all!

Just sick and tired of it all!

Just sick and tired...

Just sick...

Just tired.

By Simple Sue

From: United States