Fire's Throttle

a compounded unveiling of swelling flight
curious and euphoric
like a stealth swaddling of domination
a beautiful belonging like salt in the sea
a surreal super sonic mind f**k fantasy
peaceful and erotic
an undressing with a price
creeping soft like feathers
violating the senses
hard and jagged
like a crashing lie upon your lips
in a consensual kaleidoscope
of pin prick paralysis
casting you and drifting you
into a magical mystery ride you can never exit
like melted wax on your sexiest level
in an ecstasy so strong your mascara bleeds
and leaves a fever screaming in the mind
as a joyful explosion of challenging war
forever scarred, rude and disfigured in a distorted torment of deafening awareness
a blurred vision sighting of contrast
like the lines of an outdated tv screen
dusted in a colorful crucification of black and white
shading an unparalleled happy of inside out gray
I tattooed dizziness of shocking celestial wave
in a sloppy soaked pornographic play ground of punishment
a psychedelic religion of defiance
shedding no mercy for your aching desire
in a paramount preface to a never ending chapter
barely scraping the surface of your life trilogy
mute like a newborn's first breath,
unspoken and innocent
in a new found awakening and glory of understanding
a fist full of firecrackers, so beautiful
an awe so spectacular it's shaking you
for an eye opening, sparkling, downward spiral of a welcome mat
it was the teardrops destined falling
in the heartbroken's blissful adoption of suffering want

By Quila Sinclaire