What if my life was just a play
I watched upon a screen
From someplace far away from here
Some place I've never seen

What if events that had transpired
Were planned and calculated
All the things that I had done
Were carefully orchestrated

Would I watch in fascination
From that place so far away
Or would I just be bored to death
Each and every day

What if it was my choice to draw
The path my life would take
That things depended on the thoughtful
Choices I would make

Would it not be more intriguing
Playing out before my eyes
If it was up to me to solve
The puzzle of my whys 

Wouldn't it be more fulfilling
To see the life I made
Where my free-will precluded
Engineered or readymade

Well I think that's just what we do
As we gaze out from the stars
We make our own life's happiness
Or create resultant scars

We do not need to intervene
From that place so far away
For we direct our own production
For as long as we can stay

By Sharon Cunningham 

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