Raise America's Red Flag



The army of blue and white

Blood color doesn’t matter in this fight

Thin tipped tongue rippin’ quick lipped puns

And the badge got a gun

Slick sippin’ the plot thickens

It’s a stickup better run

Stop thinkin’ the clocks tickin’

Shackles off the rack rattles

The chains dangle the hangman caught

Mangled by the boar whored for a cost

No more golden badges lost

Iron bars and supply jobs

Hard work a dime an hour

The blue king sits tall atop the tower built to compensate for how small the coward really is

And takes a piss on all the little kids

But the rise will come quick

Stickin’ it nice and thick

The demise of the pattern

Nicely we’ll shatter the system

Show them it doesn’t matter and free them

Raise America’s Red Flag

Bring blue and white across the line to meet black

Show them all their blood is red and make a fuckin' flag from that