I'm Not Rapper


Lyrics by Jack Thomas

The world is in a perpetual state of chaos.
Let it get to you and get nothing done.
Learn to accept the universe is uncontrollable
And it’ll be under you’re control


Hopeless, smoked chest, cough, toke, rest
Broke bloke, vest, glock, coke, meth
Dope bag, hot block, do-rag, crack rocks, hot spot, clock in, crackhead smack talk
Bake in the sun, sirens, scared of bacon chasing gun violence
Gotta run, hide things, no more fun, five years isn’t worth a try, fear, let it keep driving
Steer, the blazing bush speaks ideas, smoke and mirrors, head kushined in clouds, reeks, the voice bleak, speaks loud, clear,
“Make your move now or lose out. No boohoos allowed. No tears.
Stand out. Choose what goes down. Don’t be held bound, be hell-bound.”
Clip in the hand, ticking trigger finger, mad, at the nigger killer, sad, and little bitter
But the pigment, though a figment, like a brand creates fictions in the minds of indignants. Like a clan they’re persistent
Back around, ready, seeing red, eyes steady
Thought tough, slipped up, tripped, shit bluff
Not quick enough, not slick, fucked up, tough luck
In a daze trapped in a haze, crazed laughs, let it phase to the brain
Blast him away
Regret settling before meddling, ring the bell to raise the devil, win in a fit of rage, strange compelling crave to misbehave
The end is just a blink away, need to hide and hibernate, live in caves
Not brave enough to face what nature’s got, but there’s no other way

Spinning in circles, feeling the worth, less hope for some purpose
Drown in the oceans 

In a state of panic the weight of matter gives in
Making a void to destroy, wreck havoc
Tragic, it’s all part of the ploy, they planned
Both sides stuck in war, its madness
Money, willing to whore, bad habits
Frantic at it
Blind by matter
Hysterical for material, never sadder
Hoping miracles release from the pattern
Gotta have more, gotta stack more
In the attic, drawers, by the front door
Building status, always want more
Try to stop, fight to not want, but got caught in the cycle
Biker’s high hyper striving to stay alive riding thoughts through my mind
While the world burns, wheels on my pen, I’m taking all turns, seeing where I land
The chaos is foreign, I thought sense was cheaper but It’s not common
Rare artifact, the fact that facts took a step back
Snakes from the past take their place and laugh
Oddity the odyssey I’m on, too honest, I outta be gone, honestly don’t belong
Nothing make sense

Spinning in circles, feeling the worth, less hope for some purpose
Drown in the oceans

Wandered off in no direction, no mention to when and where
This head was vacant when I came to take it. We all know ‘finders-keepers’ is fair
Lightning strikes and whatever it strikes dies worse if it strikes twice
No lies
Luckily I’m a junkie for thrills hungry who’s funky monkey keeps bumping to Hip-Hop ills
All the ability to paint the pictures killing me
Still feels fake while willingly spilling the chilly beans, spicy but cold and icy
What I’m trying but not saying is I have nothing to be spraying
I’m just saying. I want to make it off the word play
Get the high score and spread the word (AAA)
The craft, lyrical mastery, math
Numbers figure the equation, linear dimensions
Hold your fucking suspension, shut off the fucking engine
I’m tired and out of gas riding a rocky path
On my ass, they’re tailing me, telling I won’t last if I don’t let go of the past
But I’m slow and react like a fucking asshole when I’m mad
My hesitation is preservation, need to be stationed and sedated to meditate in patience
“Assertions, behold, they’re the way to leap forward” I’m told
“Just be bold, don’t hold back and let go.” So I do and I flow
State of my mind while I grind
Flip-tricks time to time
Can’t go back to the mad house, the madness is mad loud
The old me is dead. Zombie in a hole, begging to be let go, I’ve already said no twice
You wouldn’t like me when I’m not nice
Better stop asking or I’ll get nasty, I’m getting antsy
About to pounce couple rounds watch em bounce around the house
I’m inside your head, we’ll both be dead
And no one wants a mean green ham. Left the beef with clean lean Dan
Those eggs won’t withstand pressure, the heat is too much, they won’t make it, they can’t take it, they’ll start breaking, they’ll crush
I don’t have a fucking vision but I’ll take the first I see
Razor sharp with this laser, hitting marks with the phasers
Pigs chase me with taser
Deploy the troops strapped down in their suits
Brutes is all I see
Orders, lines, murders, crimes, corruptions, lies, disruption covers up the sly, forgotten times
No one looks, don’t even think they try
It’s broken, this country is a sacrifice
Religions, money, hungry, traditions
Corporations, oppression, systematic insistence
The rules of gods and business
Yet, I’m the madman with the screws loose ‘cause I choose to snooze
On the useless goons running ships to icebergs
I don’t like to cruise