Walkin' the Walk

Fight to overcome and let no one hold you back.
A lesson Jack has learned the hard way over the years.


I won’t be chained to the tame
Too animal to restrain
Cannibal plottin’ on the next game
Bad like Hannibal
Tiny little bit insane
Just enough to take risks and go nuts
Givin’ no fucks
Givin’ no hugs
Breakin’ road blocks
Get the fuck out my way
If the road’s wrong repave it
Rename it, treat it like it’s one way and take it
And I’m gettin’ hungry
The plate looks clear
As I get more desperate the fear disappears
Yet, takin’ too long to make waves
But earthquakes make great shakes
Don’t Mistake it
All the flavors when heated up taste great
Don’t they?
If it needs to be broken I’m fuckin’ breakin’ it
I’m not jokin’ you 2s are chokin’, fakin’ it
Like Rabbit spittin’
Spaghetti came out
Instead of the rhyme
Nothing but doubt in his mind
Except he got it done the second time
You jokers still tryin’
Still standin’ in lines pretendin’ the handouts are fine
This empty house ain’t royal
You’ve flushed your mortal coil to dirt and soil
Don’t let me spoil your fun
I’ll destroy it
When your done
Copin’ and runnin’ away
Hopin’ its over
But it’s only begun
To poke the eyes of your fun
And my patience is thinnin’
Should have been winnin’ by now
But I’m cool with cheatin’ so we’ll find out
The game’s gettin’ rigged
And I’m steal the dice
Rollin’ it twice
Movin’ ten times
No one is stoppin’ me
Price is too high
Cause I’ll set them on fire
They’re too scared of dyin’
And I’m not scared of my death
My last breath will leave my head as I’m sayin’ a rhyme
I walk path of my own design
And I don’t quit so fuck the rules
They were made for fools
That think they’re true
Like people on top use them too
Like the world won’t shit all over you
Just to get what it need to do what it needs to do
The trap doesn’t feed the need of the selfless
That’s why I’m selfish
But I don’t change shit
I’m still myself when,
I eliminate threats
When I’m raisin’ hell and,
When I prey on regrets
We need to free our minds to escape
But you bitches ain’t even tryin’ to make it
And I ain’t stayin’ behind
Just cause you think the race ends
If you cross their invisible lines
Their shit is dismissable, you stay behind
Screamin’, lungs tearin’ apart at battle cries as I get ready to die as a sacrifice to the new me
That’ll be free
’Till the bass drops
’Till the place rocks
’Till the feds pop up at my crib
Tell me to stop all the shit
Even then I won’t quit
I’ll be doin’ word tricks
Clever words flip
Flippin’ turds that think they’ve earned shit
Entitled bitches with no battle scars
No stitches
I’ll be in the lab
Crafting the poison with which I’ll make noise when
I destroy the world and hit reset